NEW: Holiday Activity Camps!

Puddles Holiday Activity Camps – A Week of Performing Arts

Did you know that our fantastic team of entertainers is made up of professionally trained actors, singers, dancers and performers? Well now your child can experience a taste of their world by joining them in a five day workshop covering all the elements of the wonderful world of performing arts!


Get ready for an action-packed week and learn how to be a little star. 🌟

Join us during the Spring Half Term Holidays for our special Puddles Holiday Activity Camp. You will get the incredible chance to learn everything you need to put on an amazing show! With a lot of games and fun, you will dive into one aspect of performing arts every day, all leading to the big day when it is ‘Showtime’!

Interested in a special aspect of performance? Just book one of the daily packages. Weather you are into music or acting, want to learn different dance styles or impress with some new special skills, we’ve got the right package for you.

Contact us now for more information on our Five Day Workshop:

Each day of the workshop will focus on a different performance skill (acting, singing, dancing).

The workshop is bookable per week or per day (roughly 50 pounds per child per day, in a group of 20 children). We are also offering discounts: a discount if you book the whole week, plus a sibling discount (10%)!

Don’t miss out! 🌈🤹‍♂️🎭🎤

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