Puddles Social Media!

This blog is to inform you of our cool social media platforms! 

Puddles kids parties are active on social media daily. We are constantly posting new photos of our parties and updating you with what we're up to!

Here is the link to our facebook page! Here you can message us to enquire about parties, and also see what we're up to! We always reply to your messages swiftly. There's even an option to review us!


We also have twitter where we upload daily! Here you'll get snapshots of what goes on at Puddles every single day! 


Finally, we have regular updates about our childrens parties on our instagram, where you can find regular uploads of pictures of what's going on at Puddles. These are never-before-seen pictures!


Be sure to follow us to see all our exciting updates alongside this blog! We hope you enjoy! Also come back next week to check out our new blog about Puddles kids parties...

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