How To Keep Animals Safe In Hot Weather!

As we are in the middle of a heat wave, this blog is all about the animals! Lots of animals and pets struggle to stay cool in this hot weather. I've listed some tips below to help keep them happy! Puddles Kids Parties is always environmentally friendly, so we want to make sure the animals stay happy in high temperatures.




Bees are so important to the environment, and are dying! Leave a teaspoon of sugar and water out so they can drink it when they become weary. People often think when they see bees on the floor they're dead. They aren't! They are just exhausted and need to rest. Many people stand on them thinking they're dying, but by giving them a teaspoon of water and sugar or a sugary drink, they get their energy back and fly off ready to continue pollinating.

Hutched Animals

In this heat, animals in hutches such as rabbits and guinea pigs can die of heat exhaustion! A great way to keep your furry friends cool is freezing a two litre bottle of water and putting it under the hay in their hutch. The animals huddle round to keep cool and even stay hydrated by licking off the cold condensation!


Giving dogs ice cubes is the first easy way to keep them cool! They love to eat them and play with them. Another way is by filling a bowl with cold water and ice cubes so they can stand in it. Keeping a dogs' paws cool reduces their body temperature! I hope this helps keep your animals safe and happy!


Keep cats indoors between 11am-3pm so they miss the hottest time of the day. Keep windows open in the house so they can keep cool. Having said this, be careful of opening windows so that there is no risk of the cat climbing out and falling from a great height.



I hope this helps you to understand how to keep animals happy! At Puddles we always want to protect them so this blog seems particularly important, especially in this heat wave! Stay tuned to find out what we're up to next week!


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