Party Themes

All our children's parties are interactive, playful and adventurous. You can choose from 4 party styles which determine party structure and the main activity. On top of this you can add characters depending on your little one's liking. 

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Main Activity: Treasure hunt

Super-adventurous - depending on the age children hunt for loot or clues in the nature site, topped up with party games, face painting, balloons and bubbles.

3-11 years olds

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Main activity: Upcycling arts + craft workshop

Super-creative - children will learn how to transform old boring things into fun new items, with party games, face painting, balloons and bubbles included.

5-11 years olds


Main Activity: Dance

Super-exciting - party structure based around dancing and singing games and fun with face painting, beauty, tattoos and rocket balloons.

 7-12 years old 


Main activity: Party Games

Classic party entertainment structured around party games, face painting, balloons, bubbles developed by storytelling and songs to sing along.

1-8 years olds

Choose characters

Enter the magical world of fairy tale and personalise the experience for your child with their favourite character