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Kids party entertainers, bespoke children’s entertainment in London

We are your local independent kids party entertainers, organising childrens birthday parties in London. We deliver adventurous, environmentally friendly and hassle-free kids parties throughout London, providing fun for both children and parents. Depending on the party location, children can hunt for treasure, make some up-cycled crafts, travel through stories and sing along with pirates, fairies and mermaids, become a superhero or secret agent and go on a top secret mission with our experienced party entertainers.

As professional organisers of kids party entertainment, we know that successful events consist of many perfectly matched elements. Such as the choosing the best party venue location, entertainers, decorations, food, timings, parents’ micro-entertainment and so on! We are here to take the pressure off, put our expertise in and throw the best party for your child so you can sit back, relax and enjoy the birthday party with your loved ones and guests!


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Hassle-free parties + environmentally-friendly kids entertainmement


  • You put no effort in. We redefine the meaning of kids entertainment - we are committed to your child's party from the initial enquiry to the thank you email at the end. We apply event planning and management for every party we organise. We offer you hassle free kids party packages at our North, North West and East London venues, come to your party place or home across London or search for suitable venue in your area. 
  • Affordable kids entertainment. We offer flexible pricing to make sure you can access our service and get the deal that suits your needs and your child dreams the best!
  • We're here for you. On the day, we completely run the event from start to end so you can enjoy the party with your loved ones. We take into account any traditions and personalise the experience for the whole family. 
  • You support good causes.  We are devoted to producing as little rubbish as possible, whilst recycling and up-cycling the rest. Our venues are carefully selected with sustainability and community interest in mind. 
  • Your child is a star. We believe in kids party entertainment based on play and interaction. We’re friends and partners-in-crime with the children on a personal level, with respect to their feelings and personalities. This helps us create a valuable experience for every child participating in the party.

Kids entertainment  in London to your door or party venue 


Party themes

All our children's parties are interactive, playful and adventurous. You can choose from 4 party styles which determine the structure of the entertainment and the main activity. On top of this you can add characters depending on your child's liking.

Kids Party Entertainers

Main Activity: Treasure hunt

Super-adventurous - depending on the age children hunt for loot or clues in the nature site, topped up with party games, face painting, balloons and bubbles.

3-11 years olds

Chlidrens Party Entertainers

Main activity: Upcycling arts + craft workshop

Super-creative - children will decorate up-cycled art and crafts models pre-made by us, with party games, face painting, balloons and bubbles included.

5-11 years olds

Birthday Parties for Kids

Main activity: Party Games

Classic children's party entertainment structured around party games, face painting, balloons, bubbles developed by storytelling and songs to sing along.

1-8 years olds

Kids Party Entertainment

Main Activity: Dance

Super-exciting - party structure based around dancing games and routines and fun with face painting, beauty, tattoos and rocket balloons.

 7-12 years old 


Specially designed by our team for 7+ year olds, children will go through the fun spy training to help the agents recover stolen Queen's jewels! 

Kids Entertainment



Enter the magical world of fairy tale and personalise the experience for your child with their favourite character

Treasure Hunt


Phoebe's bLOg