How to prepare fun party food for children?

Organising a birthday party for the little ones is not an easy job. You basically need to become an event planner, entertainer,  a chef a driver at once without any prep to jump into such role. So many things to plan and remember: looking for a venue and kids party entertainers then finally party food which seems to be fairly easy after all the efforts with Google search and visiting venues. 

How to make party food look and taste great? As a mum of 5 year old and a professional kids party entertainer, organiser and party designer I would like to share some tips with you. 

1. Plan ahead - good planning is a key to every organisational success. Take at least 2 weeks to plan the party catering. I find mind maps as a visual form of planning effective for me. 

2. Make your shopping early - you need to keep it all fresh but it's good to find a balance between shopping early enough to have time to get it all done and late enough so it all remains nice and fresh.

3. Consider getting an external caterer  - there are many options on the market, you can go for pizza delivery but there are also more fun and more directed towards kids products like


4. Ask the venue and the entertainer is they can provide catering - many entertainers and venue offer an option of catering, it is always good to enquire about the catering too. At Puddles we offer a set menu for children at regular price plans but also we give an option of BYOFood for the parents to meet their needs. We also have an add-on catering for parents. It's quite common among party organisers to have these options on offer. 


5. Keep it colourful, healthy and fun - Kids eat with their eyes. We don't necessary need to fill their up with heavy fired up food, a birthday party is a great opportunity to taste something more fancy, fun and nutritious - something new!


6. Make sure you've supplied plenty of water - when kids run around and have fun they need plenty of liquids to get them going. Water is the most suitable drink at the birthday party. Avoid heavy and sugary juices and smoothies unless they come after the water being served. 

For more tips you can always look for inspiration at Puddles Pinterest page