Happy New Year from everyone at Puddles!


Happy New Year! From everyone at Puddles, we hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, New Year and a well-deserved rest. 

My name is Phoebe, and I am an entertainer at Puddles as well as the newly appointed editor and blogger. My first post is to outline what you can expect from the weekly updates on the Puddles blog, so keep your eyes peeled for all the exciting things we have in store! You can expect: 

  • Get to know the entertainers that shine at our kids parties! Learn about the people behind the pirates, fairies, secret agents and superheroes.
  • Arts and crafts ideas: at Puddles, part of what makes our childrens parties great is our passion for upcycling. I will provide tutorials of easy arts and crafts to make with the kids, using things straight from your home. No need to spend any money!
  • Where to visit in London with the kids that is cheap, not your typical day out, and great for a rainy day!
  • Face painting tutorials for beginners to artists: how to become a pirate, fairy, tiger, butterfly, or even Spiderman in your own home!
  • Fun and healthy recipes: inspired by the colourful, exciting food at our kids parties that are tasty for children and adults alike!
  • Get to know each of the Puddles venues properly: making choosing a venue for your childrens parties easier than ever!

So once again, Happy New Year all! Make sure to check back here for our weekly blog posts!