A Day in the Life of a Puddles Entertainer!

I thought it would be fun to fill you in on what being an entertainer for Puddles involves, to give you a better sense of how we run our parties and to allow you to understand the hard work that goes into making sure our customers receive the best quality service! Introducing: A Day in the Life of a Puddles Entertainer! I’m going to outline exactly how a normal day working for Puddles usually goes for me…


An inside scoop into life as an entertainer…

Working for Puddles is not just confined to the weekends - we spend all week making sure all arrangements are in place to provide the best quality party possible. I also run the social media throughout the week! But the beating heart of the business is, of course, the parties themselves, which begin on a Saturday morning!

It’s usually an early start for me as I am now commuting from South London to make it up to our North London venues. The journey is always worth it though. I arrive at the party venue nice and early to set up the space! We put out the tables and chairs, make sure everything is clean and tidy and customise the venue with beautiful bespoke decorations!


Get this party started

Once everything is in place, the music is playing and the equipment is all set, I go and get into costume! My favourite costumes are the pirate costumes because they are super comfy and easy to move in, and, of course, they look brilliant!

As soon as the kids arrive we immediately begin to interact with them. I love to do their face painting because it always makes the kids smile, but when I’m not doing that I’m always challenging them to sword fights with the model balloons I’ve made for them! They love chasing me around the room!


Once all of the children are at the party we begin Story Time. When I’m not working for Puddles I am training as an actor at drama school, so story time gives me a wonderful opportunity to be a bit theatrical! I love getting the kids engaged in the story. We customise the story depending on the theme, but we always ask the children questions and get them to look at our treasure map and work out where we need to go next! It’s very interactive and gets them very excited for the treasure hunt…


The Treasure Hunt

The best part of the party!!

It’s time for the Treasure Hunt - this is, in my opinion, what makes a Puddles party so unique and wonderful. The children explore our venues in search of treasure chests full of fantastic goodies! It’s amazing to see their faces light up when they show me what they’ve found. And don’t worry - if there are any kids struggling to find anything I’m always on hand with a few spare treasure chests that will mysteriously appear along their path! (But shhhh! Don’t tell the children this!)

And now it’s lunch time! I usually grab five minutes here to give my feet a little rest and have a small snack and then I’m back out to have a natter with them while they eat.

Once they’ve finished their food we start the party games! We usually play pass the parcel and musical statues — we try to make sure the games are run fairly and fun for everyone to play! We want everyone to finish the party with smiles on their faces and I’m always on hand with plenty of stickers for those who feel wronged in the party games!! My favourite game is musical statues because it’s great fun to dance with the kids — some of them have serious moves!

Once the games are over we sing happy birthday and serve up the cake! We say goodbye to the party guests and thank everyone for coming.


The end of the party

Once we have waved everyone goodbye it’s time for us to make way for the next party! We clear up all the leftover food and make sure the venue is spick and span! Sometimes we have another party shortly afterwards, sometimes we can take the rest of the day off.

A Puddles party is always fun but always hard work! We put a lot of effort into making sure all of the children have a brilliant party that they will remember for a long time. Once my work shift is finished sometimes I will meet up with friends but more often than not I’ll have a hot bath and a cup of tea!!

I hope you feel more informed about what a party entails for the entertainers!

More posts to follow soon. You can check out more of what we are up to on our social media, give us a follow on the links below.

Megan x

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