Mini Makers Success!

Here at Puddles we are extremely proud to see how popular our Mini Makers kids parties have been so far! 

We had a Mini Makers party this weekend with our very own Giona, Eileen and Kamilah. At the party, the children decorated a toy car made from plastic bottle lids, cocktail sticks and toilet paper rolls. All the materials used were up-cycled, sticking with our Puddles ethos of reducing waste as much as possible.

The party was a great success, the children were able to decorate their car models however they liked meaning that everyone was very happy!

We recommend the best venues for our Mini Makers childrens parties are at The Maqam (which has had its very own blog post), Blighty India and Welsh Harp, although we are able to provide these kids parties anywhere!

We also provide a range of arts and crafts, from the cars seen on the pictures above, to the mechanical hand which featured earlier on this blog. All this can be discussed and decided to ensure total satisfaction and happiness.

Keep your eyes peeled for more updates about what the crew at Puddles are up to!



aleks T