Happy Easter from Puddles!

The team at Puddles wishes you all a very happy Easter! We hope the Easter Bunny has delivered lots of chocolate eggs, and that your Easter treasure hunts are a great success! We're very much looking forward to the spring and summer seasons, where we can really make the most of our outdoor venues such as Gillespie, Welsh Harp and the WaterWorks Centre!

It's a busy day for Puddles with our kids parties, with our fantastic entertainers Ben and Steph entertaining at one of our childrens parties at Wolves Lane! I wonder if the Easter Bunny will make an appearance?

This week I have some Easter-themed puzzles and colouring-in for the kids to do. You can print them off and it'd be great if you submit them so we can see how talented the young creatives are!

Enjoy the puzzles and colouring-in, we can't wait to see your submissions!



aleks T