Autism Friendly Kids Parties

April is Autism Awareness Month so we bring this blog post to you in support of our young friends on the spectrum!

You always want a party to be fun for everyone involved! With children on the autism spectrum, it’s possible to face different challenges in ensuring that everyone has a good time. Here are some of our top tips for keeping a calm and easy atmosphere available for everyone to enjoy.

Autism Friendly Kids Parties in London
  • Keep the music levels a little lower

Music is great for boosting a party’s atmosphere but too much volume can prove stressful. Simply lowering the volume a few settings is enough to maintain the atmosphere but keep the dynamic more soothing.

  • Keep high-sugar snacks to a minimum

Vegetable crudités and fruit are great for keeping everyone fed without causing too many sugar-rushes! Save the cake till the end!

  • Have fun optional activities

Arts and crafts are great for keeping everyone entertained according to their own needs and wants. Alternatively you could try baking. Face-painting, balloons, bubbles and party games can also be great options for some children, but might not suit all. Being able to dip in and out of these tasks will help keep everyone happy and entertain any short attention spans. The sensory nature of a lot of these activities also adds to the enjoyment!

  • Familiar locations can help ease stress

Homes can be great locations for keeping the birthday child at ease. Alternatively, consider visiting the location beforehand to familiarise them with the surroundings

  • Avoid too much focused attention on the birthday child

Of course no two children are the same, but often the birthday child might find too much focus on themselves a little alarming. Keep the present-opening for later and consider not singing happy birthday if it poses too much pressure for the child

  • Be prepared for the plan to change

Every child is different and unpredictable, whether they are on the autism spectrum or not! So keep an open mind and don’t be afraid to shake things up if needed. Every parent will understand!

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Adventurous, environmentally friendly and hassle-free parties, throughout London

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