Book the entertainer

Book 1 or 2h entertainment for your event with us! Our entertainers are DBS checked and insured and their number is matched to the number of children. They will perform in the costume of your choice and tailor the entertainment content to a particular theme. We travel within London’s public transport structure.

1h plan is designed to be a part of the longer event organised by yourself, while 2h is more comprehensive featuring the party plan agreed with you with the food and cake time incorporated in the party plan - this helps you to structure the whole event and make sure it’s going easy and smooth.  You can choose from the types of entertainment plans on each time plan. 


What’s always included:

• 1-2 entertainers dressed up as a character of your choice from our list

• props and prizes,

• modelling balloons,

• portable mini speakers + playlist

• 30 mins early arrival

• party plan

• free ready to print out invitation template

If your enquiry is urgent call or whats app 07835689841 now and we will be able to help you asap.

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Scavenger Hunt + Party Games

Best for the halls or homes, packed with activities can be twisted into dance games or toddler activities.

AGE GROUPS - 3-8 years old party games + scavenger hunt

  • Scavenger hunt

  • Party games

  • Modelling balloons

1h plan- scavenger hunt, party games and balloons modelling

2h plan - scavenger hunt, party games and balloons modelling face painting and event management - the entertainer works along the plan agreed with you with food and cake time incorporated, so it helps you to run the event smoothly.


1h £150 - 1 entertainer - up to 30 children

2h £195 - 1 entertainer with facepainting - up to 20 children

2h 2 entertainers with facepainting £275 - recommended over 20 children

Magic Entertainment

Ideal for both indoors and outdoors! 

Delivered by experienced specialist entertainer and magician Alex, who is an expert in fun and improvised tomfoolery and provides a children’s magic show which is full of silliness and wonder.

His show is fully interactive with lots of child participation as he tells stories of wizards, smelly socks, and crazy chickens - interweaving his magic tricks and physical comedy throughout. 

The entertainment plan includes a magic show, magic spot hunt, parachute and dance games and balloon modelling - all included.  Choose the character/theme.

AGE GROUP 3-8 years olds 

1-2hr plans include: 

• Interactive magic show and storytelling

• Parachute, circle and dance games 

• Magic spot hunt

• Balloon modelling


1h £250 - up to 30 children

2h £295 - up to 30 children

Pirate magic adventure 


Take to the high seas with fearless* Captain Croaky

Can you discover where the Captains rival -‘Badsock’ the pirate - has hidden the treasure on Puddles  Island ?

The Captains show is fully interactive with lots of pirate magic, audience participation, exciting games and swashbuckling adventure as he tells stories of crocodiles, mermaids and Pirate Badsock’s laundry! 

This is a fun packed fast-moving party with a variety of activities.

The entertainment plan includes a pirate magic show and stories, exciting treasure hunt, pirate parachute and dance games and balloon modelling- all included.

*although he is a little scared of jellyfish, the dark and umbrellas. 


1h £250 - up to 30 children

2h £295 - up to 30 children


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Secret Agents

Best for 7+ years old! Specially designed by our team an awesome entertainment plan to cater for age groups of 7-11 year olds. Go through the spy training and help the agents to recover the stolen queens jewels! Super fun ready to be delivered at homes, parks and interesting venues with an access to at least two spaces (for example) living room + garden.

AGE GROUP: 7-11 years old

2h plan (only) includes:

  • Spy training

  • Puzzle solving and hunt

  • Party games


2h £195 - 1 entertainer - up to 20 children,

2h £275- 2 entertainers over 20 children

Disco + Karaoke

Best for 7-15 years olds who love to sing and dance! Brilliant party idea for children over 7 years olds available at selected times and venues. DJ, disco lights, dance games, routines and competitions with limbo and karaoke!

AGE GROUP:7-15 years old

1h: DJ, dance games and competition, disco

2h: DJ, limbo, dance games, karaoke and competition, disco


1h £195 - 1 entertainer/DJ - up to 30 children,

2h £240 - 1 entertainer/DJ - up to 30 children