Mini Makers: Mechanical Hands

Hi everyone! 

As you may have noticed on my previous post in the photos, as part of our Mini Makers kids parties, we give the birthday child an amazing gift of an up-cycled mechanical hand!

The hand is fully functional, made out of cardboard, string and plastic straws. All things you'll have in your home!

Here is a link to how to make the robotic hand. You can make one yourself at home! It's perfect if you want to make one for your own childrens parties, and it also gives you an idea of what to expect from our fantastic, new Mini Makers kids parties. 

Have fun making these at home! It's a great way to up-cycle any materials you would otherwise throw away!

Keep checking back here for more brilliant ideas that our new Mini Makers theme use at the childrens parties. It's fun for everyone when you can make gadgets yourself!




aleks T