New Themes Launched! - Racing Cars and Mini-Makers!

This weekend, Puddles proudly launched the new Mini Makers theme, and Racing Cars theme! The kids parties were a huge success and the children and parents left as happy as can be!


This weekend at the Mini Makers kids party it was a very special kind of party... we had a Secret Agents and Mini Makers combination! The kids had to help Agent Ben on a top secret mission to locate the Queen's missing Crown Jewels, along with the help of wallets made out of up-cycled materials! The wallets the kids made out of magazines were perfect to hide their Secret Agent identity cards in. 

The Racing Cars childrens party was also a huge success! Racer Tom and Racer Steph were able to find all of their cars with the help of the children and were able to race them! They raced police cars, fire engines, ambulances and all sorts!


We also received excellent customer feedback from the new themed kids parties:

The team did a wonderful job - they’re fabulous with the kids and they all had an excellent time!

Keep checking back to this blog to find out more about the kids parties and what the Puddles team are up to!





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