Recipe: Watermelon Juice!

This watermelon juice is absolutely perfect for the hot weather. It's refreshing, cooling, healthy, and tasty!

It's very simple and only takes a couple of minutes! It's also extremely good for you. The juice is high in vitamin A, vitamin C and potassium. It’s about 92% water, so it’s very hydrating, too! All you need is a blender, a watermelon and a lime.

Watermelon Juice for Kids Parties


  • 1 sweet watermelon 
  • 1 lime, juiced


  1. Slice the watermelon in half. Discard the seeds, and scoop chunks of watermelon from the rind into a blender. If the watermelon is seedless, use a big spoon to scoop chunks of watermelon flesh into the blender. Discard the rind.
  2. Blend the watermelon until it is totally pulverized, then squeeze the juice of one lime into the blender and blend for a few seconds. If your watermelon is notably pulpy, pour the mixture through a fine mesh strainer your jug/glasses. If not, you can pour it directly into glasses filled with ice (for that extra cooling touch!)

PARENTS: If you want a bit of something extra, this juice is particularly good with white rum!

I hope you enjoy this recipe! It's perfect for this hot weather!

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