The Big Five Charity Fundraiser

with Explorer Indre!

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At Puddles, we love nothing more than fun for a charitable cause! In anticipation of the big fundraising event on 10th March, I caught up with the wonder-woman behind it all, Explorer Indre to find out more about Raleigh

International’s work and her dedication to it, as well as her adventures up the big five UK mountains of course! Read on for an exciting insight into her adventures before meeting her yourself on 10th!

Tell us about yourself and the challenge!

I'm a Londoner from Lithuania, where I grew up surrounded by nature in the countryside. I’d spend all my summers camping in the garden, near a forest and fields. I loved climbing all the trees but Lithuania is a very flat country, so I couldn’t climb any mountains yet!

The challenge was to dress up in “Big Five” animal costumes; (Elephant, Lion, Leopard, Buffalo, Rhino) and climb the biggest mountains in the UK and Ireland.

The highest mountain in Northern Ireland - Slieve Donard 850 m (Completed as a Buffalo)

The highest mountain in England - Scafell Pike 978 m (Completed as an Rhino)

The highest mountain in Ireland - Carrauntoohil 1,038.6 m (Completed as an Elephant)

The highest mountain in Wales – Snowdon 1,085 m (Completed as a Lion)

The highest mountain in Scotland - Ben Nevis 1,345 m (Completed as a Leopard)

What motivated you to take on this incredible challenge?

I think the biggest motivation was the urge for nature and to escape my comfort zone. I feel very comfortable at my job and I’m lucky to have really lovely colleagues. When I come to work I know what I'm doing and when it gets a bit stressful I have very good support from my team. But I'm not a comfort zone kind of person. I like challenges! One weekend I convinced my friends to go to Snowdon. At that time I just wanted to escape the busy London concrete! I was searching for fundraising inspirations and while talking to my housemate we came up with this idea, to climb five UK and Ireland mountains. Also because the charity I wanted to support does work in Tanzania we thought that linking to the big five animals would be fun. There are so many great fundraising events where people dress up, so why not!  Next day I went to the charity shop where I found a lion onesie and in the evening I was on the way to Wales. That's how I started this adventure!

Can you tell us a bit more about Raleigh International and your connection to their work?

Raleigh International is a very inspiring charity to me. We share a similar belief. I love challenging myself but it's even more inspiring while doing what you can to help others. I wanted to support and contribute to a charity that does work on sustainable development in rural communities living in poverty around the world, but that also helps develop young people around the world into leaders for positive change in their own communities.

What’s the situation in Tanzania at the moment and why do they need our help?

Approximately 75% of Tanzanians live in rural communities. Adequate access to safe water and sanitation is rare, and very few economic opportunities exist for young people. Raleigh support young entrepreneurs to set up small businesses in their communities which benefit themselves and the people around them.

What can we expect from the fundraising event?

A lot of fun! I will do face painting so we can all look like the animals. I will tell interesting facts about the big five African animals, stories about my ventures in the mountains and of course, we’ll play a lot of games! This is an event to have fun, enjoy nature, and for everyone to find their own inner adventurer!

Which is your favourite animal from the big five and why?

Really hard question. I love animals. A few years ago I went to South Africa and saw all of them in reality. They are all amazing! Elephants are so big, it's impressive. Leopards are so elegant and beautiful. The lion is a real king, the way they walk or just lay on the grass and the buffalo I found kind of funny because they have those big horns. The rhinos I found a little bit scary with their pointy horns!

Which was your favourite climb and why?

All of the mountains were very different, of course. I don't think my friends and I will ever forget the Devil’s Ladder track on Carrauntoohil, Ireland's highest mountain. It was the scariest climb. Every experience was very unique. I think my favourite one was Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in Scotland. It's the highest mountain of them all. The weather was perfect and the landscape was incredibly beautiful, and the company was perfect as well!

Meet Indre for yourself and join the fun at the fundraiser on 10th March. Entry is only £15 with no extra charge for snacks and face painting.

All proceeds will go to the charity!

Find out more about them on their website


We can’t wait to see you there!

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