Meet our Entertainers: Abbie!

We’ve had so many lovely new recruits recently, it’s about time we got to know some of them better! Here’s the newest entertainer Q&A with Abbie!

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Introduce yourself!

Hi, I'm Abbie! I'm 22 years old. I grew up in Sheffield but now live in Finsbury Park.

What do you when not working for Puddles?

I'm a full time student at Fourth Monkey Actor Training Company. It's hard work and super intense but wouldn't change a thing!

What are your favourite hobbies?

I have a million things I love to do in my spare time and I'm constantly trying new things! Mostly I love to dance and play my instruments.

How long have you been working for Puddles?

Only 4 weeks, but I'm loving every moment!

What is your favourite party game?

I love playing musical statues and seeing everyone's best moves.

What is your favourite Puddles theme?

I really love being a secret agent and figuring out all the clues to solve the mystery.

What’s your top tip for throwing a great party?

Be flexible! Sometimes things go a little wrong and that's okay. Don't dwell on it and keep the fun going!

Describe yourself in three words:

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Adventurous, practical and quirky

What’s your favourite memory from a Puddles party?

Having balloon sword fights!

What is your favourite party food?

I love having lots of different fruit at parties. It's a great way of keeping your energy up and keeping hydrated in a super tasty way!

If you could be a cartoon character who would you be?

I'd be Ariel, the little mermaid, because I love the sea. If I could, I'd spend all day in the ocean!

What is a fun fact about yourself?

As soon as I learnt to walk I started dancing and I haven't stopped since! Hopefully I'll continue dancing for the rest of my life.

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