We're environmentally friendly!

We at Puddles pride ourselves on our commitment to being environmentally friendly wherever possible. In this week’s post I will outline a number of ways in which we do this.


Reusable Materials

Our decorations, table cloths and cutlery are all reusable

Our tables are set with washable table cloths that we can use over and over again! At every party our host takes care to wash up mountains of plates and cups so that we minimise our waste as much as possible! We use paper straws (no plastic) and our food is served fresh on reusable, colorful trays!

Our decorations, likewise, are carefully packed away at the end of every party to be reused again. We use fabric bunting to make it as long lasting as possible.


Nature Reserves

We use beautiful, environmentally friendly venues

Many of our parties take place in stunning nature reserves, such as the venue at Welsh Harp (pictured above), Wolves Lane Garden Centre in Wood Green and the Ecology Centre at Gillespie Park. Not only do these make fabulous venues for the treasure hunts but by hosting parties there we are supporting these venues in their environmentally friendly endeavours.


We recycle

At the end of every party, we make a special effort to recycle as much as possible

As you can imagine, at the end of every party, there is a lot of cleaning up to do! We all work together to leave our venues spick and span and, wherever possible, to recycle any waste.


We Up-cycle!

And if recycling wasn’t enough, we up-cycle too!

Our commitment to reducing waste has even stretched to the themes of our parties! Earlier this year we introduced our ‘Mini Makers’ parties in which children create and decorate their own toys and arts and crafts from left over materials such as cardboard, lollypop sticks and old toilet roll insides! It’s amazing how artistic you can be with a bit of rubbish!

Local team

Our team of entertainers all live locally and use public transport to get to work!

Our entertainers are based all over London, so wherever your party, there’s bound to be one that lives near you! We commit to using public transport and, when we do need to drive, we use hybrid vehicles to reduce our environmental impact.

We are proud of our efforts to reduce waste and think it is incredibly important! I hope you’ve found this post useful and informative!

aleks T